Plant of the Month: Comfrey


The comfrey at the Food Forest is growing like crazy, so bring a scissors and cut some leaves.

It has been touted as the best plant to have in your garden, for numerous reasons.  It’s long been used for its curative powers, in easing aches and pains and healing bruises.  It’s easy to make a topical salve–dry the leaves, infuse them in olive oil, then mix the comfrey oil with beeswax.  Look up “comfrey salve” on the internet for details.

Or, use comfrey leaves to enrich your compost and soil.  Include a layer of comfrey leaves to activate your compost bin, or put one or two under a seedling you are transplanting.  Add chopped comfrey to the soil in the fall as an amendment or make it into a compost tea.  Dry leaves, make a powder and spread it as fertilizer before planting.  Or mulch with whatever is left of the plant when you clean up in the spring.

Just planting it in your garden (even if you don’t do anything else) helps to break down clay and aerate the soil.

Please note:  Comfrey has been used as a tea, but ingesting it isn’t recommended anymore.

Below is a link to a little video you can watch if you want to learn more.

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