Make your own fun! 

This park aims to provide natural play spaces for neighborhood kids of all ages.  In natural play spaces, kids can create their own games, try new things, mess around, observe, build, and learn to love being outside in nature.  

And hang out. . .

Photo by Barry Stahl

And hide. . .

Photo by Kathy Shollenberger

And survey:

Photo by Kathy Shollenberger

 Natural play is definitely happening at the park.  Note the elegant table setting below:

Take a look at this guide from the National Wildlife Federation for boosting your children’s healthy development and creativity :  Nature Play at Home

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources weighs in here:  Natural Play Spaces Additional Resources.  

And this book is excellent, too:  Nature Play at Home — Creating Outdoor Spaces that Connect Children with the Natural World, by Nancy Striniste.

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