Mushroom growing workshop / Saturday, May 7, 2022

Come to the Mount Rainier food forest on May 7th for a morning of mushroom adventures! A group of local mycophiles will lead a workshop on growing shiitake, oyster and wine cap mushrooms on logs, straw and wood chips. Participants will be able to take a log or inoculated straw home with them. Local mushroom… Continue Reading →

Plant of the Month for June—Pussytoes

By Kathy Shollenberger. Photos by Kelly Lawhorn, Chesapeake Natives There are many varieties of pussytoes; the one in the Food Forest is Parlin’s pussytoes. It’s in the Food Forest because it provides nectar for pollinators and serves as a host plant for the American Lady and Painted Lady butterflies. It shelters the butterfly’s eggs and… Continue Reading →

Reflections on a year of food foresting

By Gabe Popkin Photos by Food Forest Collective members I can’t remember how it started, the idea of turning a small, underutilized park into a food forest full of edible plants that would be free to the public. I do know where I got the inspiration: from Lincoln Smith, a landscape designer in Bowie who… Continue Reading →

Work day and celebration — Saturday, May 1, 10 am

With the major work of designing and planting the food forest behind us, and with safe outdoor gatherings again possible, we are now pivoting from creating the food forest to using it. In 2021, we will be hosting a series of work days, workshops and plant swaps the first Saturday of each month. The first… Continue Reading →

Celebrating Success!

On Sunday, September 20, many of those who have volunteered to water, haul mulch, weed, dig, and plant gathered to celebrate our lovely park.  Enjoy these photos, from Mimi McKindley-Ward, Barry Stahl, and Kathy Shollenberger. Our new bamboo bower, constructed by Shivali Shah: Socially distanced picnickers: Musical accompaniment:    Admiring the park, enjoying the company and… Continue Reading →

Monarch Caterpillar on the Milkweed!

You have to look closely.  It’s almost hidden, but there’s a future monarch chomping away on the common milkweed at the Food Forest.  If a monarch caterpillar has lots of different types of milkweed to choose from, common milkweed is not its favorite, but luckily, this specimen’s not picky.

Spotlight on the Small Things

Not everything that’s going on at the Food Forest is obvious.  You have to spend some time there to see the little things.  Steve McKindley Ward has noticed many of those little things–little miracles, really–and recorded them.  This is probably the coolest.  It’s called bird’s nest fungus; lots of them have come up in the… Continue Reading →

Plant of the Month–Comfrey

  The comfrey at the Food Forest is growing like crazy, so bring a scissors and cut some leaves. It has been touted as the best plant to have in your garden, for numerous reasons.  It’s long been used for its curative powers, in easing aches and pains and healing bruises.  It’s easy to make… Continue Reading →


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