Plant of the Month: Bird House Gourds

Bird House Gourds are growing like crazy at the Food Forest.  They are also known as Calabash, or Bottle Gourds.  Each of these flowers–

Photo by Steve McKindley-Ward

Should produce one of these gourds–

Photo by Kathy Shollenberger

Wouldn’t you love to hang a Bird House Gourd in your back yard?

When they are ready this fall, harvest one and put it in a dry place in the basement or garage.  Pull it out next spring and cut a wren-sized hole (1 and 1/8 inches), clean out the insides, and poke holes in the tip for hanging with twine.

Please note that male wrens build several nests at once to attract a female, so it could look like you’ve got wrens settling in, but it might be not be their nest of choice in the end.

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