Oaks Find a New Home – A photo story

c52FxtsRTwSOdh9Wuh21wQThis beautiful wood came from two oaks (one white oak and one Northern Red Oak) on longtime Mount Rainier resident Mark Grisar’s property.  They fell victim, as did an alarming number of oaks in our region, to the deluge then drought of last spring and summer.  These two large, old oaks had witnessed more than two hundred years of local history.  Mark generously gifted the wood to the park, and Edgar Tree Service transported it and did some initial work, making the pieces a bit more manageable.

KhVQId4DQkGgNtsc1%hD0gParents and kids began to rearrange the wood right away, creating a play area in the back corner of the park.  Voila!  Natural play!

Photo by Barry Stahl

Mount Rainier resident Bradley Padavick generously spent one Saturday morning fashioning several chairs for the “dining” area.  It’s a Food Forest, after all.

fullsizeoutput_887And then these three young men moved into action.  David McKindley-Ward, and Luke and Ben Walsh-Mellett are co-founders of Great Blue Company, a landscaping cooperative in Baltimore.  They are Mount Rainier native sons who were kind of enough to do their home community a huge favor.

IMG_4855 They picked up where Bradley left off, in the “dining room.”

Mount Rainier resident Shivali Shah (above) designed this very comfy chair.  Below you’ll notice that some of the chairs even ended up having cool ottomans to accompany them.

Photo by Steve McKindley-Ward


fullsizeoutput_88aThey created a toddler play area near the street.  It’s centered around the stump of another white oak that had to come down.

IMG_4933And then they moved around some very heavy pieces to create play structures for climbing and balance.

fullsizeoutput_886They connected it all up so a kid might be able to travel (should he or she dare) from the front to the back of the park without touching the ground.

fullsizeoutput_88dIt didn’t take long. . .

(Photos by Kathy Shollenberger unless otherwise indicated)

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