Plant of the Month: Sochan

It's delicious, nutritious, and may already be growing in your yard! by Gabe Popkin A few years ago I got a clump of a plant called cutleaf coneflower from a neighbor. I planted it and it took off. Once it started spreading, I dug up clumps from my own yard and started new patches elsewhere.... Continue Reading →

Fun with swales

Slowing the water Swales are designed to capture water when it rains. A swale slows the water so it doesn't rush off the property -- the water soaks evenly and deeply into the soil, where it can be used by trees and other plants. To create swales in our new food forest, we made raised... Continue Reading →

Just getting started

This blog exists to document the installation and growth of the Mount Rainier, Maryland Community Food Forest, and help us as a community learn more about how we can participate and benefit from this project. The forest garden is being planned and installed through the volunteer efforts of local residents. We hope that in the... Continue Reading →

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